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A city surrounded by mountains

We have a spare day to kill in Guilin before we head on a boat tour tomorrow. We spent most of the day walking around the city and exploring the attractions.

Our first stop is a park just outside the city center called the Qixing scenic area.

As you can see the weather wasn't great, rain and fog/haze were the backdrop of the day.

At the scenic area there were a lot of other attractions such as wall climbing and paintball, but those activities aren't very fun in the rain.

Around noon we headed back to the city to get lunch.

After lunch we accidentally entered the wrong park, but since we paid for it we might as well explore every inch of it.

We were very disappointed with the park until, when we were making our way to the exit, we noticed a map showing a viewpoint at the top of a mountain.

To complete our afternoon we took the scenic route back to our hotel.

And closed the day with dinner and a few games of pool

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