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Baby steps into mainland China

Yesterday consisted mostly of traveling to Guangzhou and camera problems, the only photo I managed to make that day is this one:

Today we had a pretty bad weather prediction of mostly rain, so we opted to explore the city instead of hiking up a mountain.

Our hotel is located on a small island that used to be divided between the British and a French, you can see ths in the colonial architecture of the buildings.

After our morning coffee we headed to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, on our way we also ran into the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the park behind it.

The park was nice, but we still had the temple to find.

It's fun to see how we like to explore parts of the city that we would never have dared to enter a few years ago, such as these alleys.

There are little shops everywhere

We finally made it to the temple and just as we suspected, it resembles a lot of the other temples we visited over the past few years ;)

Aparently the goal is to throw a coin into the little hole at the top, something thsi person here took quite a few attempts to achieve.

With our first couple of goals done for the day it was time for lunch and for once I managed to snap a picture before we ate it all. After lunch we headed to another park to sit down and relax in the hot and humid weather.

The park was a bit of a let-down and the air was getting more and more humid, a sign that rain was about to poor down. Time to get into the subway and head back to the hotel for a quick refresh.

After a bit of relaxing and waiting for the rain to disappear we headed back out again to take photo's of the Canton tower

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