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Golden Whip Stream

Also Zhangjiejie ✈️ Xi'an

Technically today is a travel day, but since the plane leaves at 23:55 we decided to re-visit the Zhangjiejie National Park (the entry card is valid for four days) to walk the Golden Whip Stream.

This walkway is famous for it's numerous monkeys roaming around.

And the amazing views all around.

There's something about the signs warning for monkeys that attracts them.

You can rent the chair above and you'll be walked around the trail by two men, super awkward we thought, but we've seen people doing it.

The park has a bus system, but the different parts aren't connected. At the end of the trail we were at a random exit of the park and we could either walk the trail back, or get a taxi do a different entrace from where we could take the free bus. A 100 Yen taxi later we were at the other entrance and luckily we weren't alone.

An hour bus ride in the park and another hour bus ride to the hotel later we have a few hours to freshen up before heading to the airport...

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