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Exploring Shenzen

Danan Mountain and Lianhuashan Park

After yet another terrible night of sleep it was time to explore Shenzen, and what better way to view the city than from an mountain... Danan mountain to be exact.

There are over 800 steps to the top of the mountain, but the view is worth it.

After another couple of hundred steps down, we headed to our next stop Lianhuashan park. Once we were in the park there were several fields with lots of people flying kites.

We found another set of stairs and those led to a viewpoint over the park and the buildings behind it.

It was nice to see young and old enjoying the kites and as the evening was setting in we made our way down the viewpoint and towards the giant building in the background.

The view from under this building was really nice and a soft breeze had set in, cooling the 30 degrees sunny skies to a comfortable temperature. We sat on the steps enjoying the view untill the sun had set.

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