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Amsterdam to Hong Kong

With just three hours to spare, our China visum finally arrived and we were ready to head to the airport. According to the Schiphol site it was supposed to be a busy day, but it took us only 10 minutes from arriving to passing security.

For the first time ever we paid an additional fee to reserve seats two weeks before the flight, this way we were sure to get the best economy seats on the plane. The flight itself was uneventfull and we arrived in HongKong at 16:00 the next day.

First tings first, Onno needed a new phone so we headed to the Apple store and after that we got a bite to eat at CoCo's curryhouse (a Japanese curry chain). After dinner we wandered around the area a bit before heading back to the hotel to catch up on some sleep.

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Ocean Park/A theme park built on top of a mountain in Hong Kong